Commemorating the Easter Rising

Éirí Amach na Cásca á Chomóradh

Virginia City Easter Rising handout 2016.pdf

The Irish of Montana will be commemorating the Easter Rising of 1916 over the next year. After a series of discussions members and organizations from the Irish American community it became clear there was a strong desire to celebrate this centennial. Key in this celebration will be the examination of the Easter Rising in the context of the relationship between the Irish of Ireland and of America from the post-Famine period through the Easter Rising and the establishment of the Irish Free State. It was in this timeframe that the emigrant community in the United States fashioned a new identity that would have profound cultural and political consequences for Ireland. Describing themselves as Irish American, they would be Irish in their culture and American in their politics, and in the process shape a new vision for Ireland that would unite and transform Irish nationalism into a movement which spanned both sides of the Atlantic. Their vision was the one Pádraig Pearse embraced and labeled the "Feinian Program", a clear acknowledgement of its Irish-American origins. It is in the light of this vision that one sees how the Irish of the early 20th century had become a global community, how the Easter Rising was not simply a national protest, but the product of an Irish and Irish American alliance that transformed it into a truly international event.

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